Mission Statement

We welcome all men to our website and appreciate the time you took to find out more about us. The Council of Foursquare Men (CFM) is the men's arm of Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria, a Pentecostal organisation with the mandate to preach Jesus Christ, The Son of God, as the Saviour, Baptizer with the Holy Spirit, Divine Healer and Soon Coming King.

CFM holds an annual Retreat. The program comes up in July of every year and is aimed at achieving the following among others.

Men's Relationship

Deepening men's relationship and fellowship with God.

Spiritual Atmosphere

Creating an atmosphere that fosters interaction for men

Empowering Men

To empower men with requisite knowledge for tackling all life issues.

Word of God

To expose men to the wonder-working powers in the Word of God.


To minister deliverance to those under yoke of sin and satan.

In HIs Presence

All Men meeting at Ajebo for the yearly retreat.


Past pictures of 2016 Council of Foursquare Men retreat, where over 10,000 men gathered to experience EMPOWERMENT FOR GREATER GLORY

2016 Inauguration

2016 CFM National Retreat Chairman Bro Itimi


2016 Inauguration

CFM National President and CFM NEXCO behind


2016 Inauguration

Rev. Abegunde (Magodo DO) Praying for 2016 Retreat Planning Committee


2016 Inauguration

CFM National President honouring Rev. Abegunde at the Inaugural Service


2016 Inauguration

CFM Retreat Chairman making a speech and CFM National President (right)


2016 Inauguration

CFM Retreat Chairman making a speech with the planning committee.


2016 Inauguration

CFM National President saying a prayer for the planning committee.


2016 Inauguration

Rev. Abegunde praying for the National Retreat Planning Committee.


Our Programmes

Follow our programmes and block your date to meet with the Lord. A time where all meet and discuss kingdom matters.

Our Programmes

Programmes organised by the Council of Foursquare Men

Leaders Summit

All Leaders meet at Yaba or Idimu

NEXCO Meeting

Monthly CFM NEXCO meetings

Yearly Retreat

All Men meet at Ajebo for retreat

Lagos Region

Vigil at Idimu for all men in Lagos region

All Presidents

Meeting for all presidents over the country

Empowerment for Greater Glory

Encounter For Divine Turnaround

Empowered By Grace

Set On A Hill

The Great Fellowship,


I was blessed at the national CFM retreat 2015

-Dea Omorobe/ Ikorodu 4 Owutu

It was a wonderful time in the presence of the Lord

-Sam Edeh/ Ikorodu 1

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